ideas in action



INTEGRA GROUP is a company established in 2006 with a mission to contribute to the development of the business and the regions in the conditions of a common European market and policies.

The core business of the company is concentrated on the service sector. The Development Strategy of INTEGRA GROUP envisages a continuous expansion of the number of services offered in line with the requirements of its clients and the dynamic market changes.


The companys main activities focus on:

  • Effective use of EU financial instruments and other donor organizations and programmes;
  • Building strategic networks and partnerships, encouraging partnerships between organizations from the public, private and non-governmental sectors;
  • Setting up teams and providing tailor-made solutions;
  • Establishing regional, national and international networks for exchange of know-how and good practices;
  • Building capacity for project management;
  • Improving resource management and process optimization;
  • Strict quality policy meeting client requirements.


INTEGRA GROUP LTD is a co-establisher of the international consultancy networks CONSENSIO NETWORK ( andSIGN ( )




  • A network of specialists from various fields covering a wide range of knowledge and skills;
  • An open-minded attitude set to get a full understanding of the specifics of your organization and activities;
  • Flexible conditions;
  • Practical application of the knowledge possessed;
  • We are well aware of project-related risks and implement successful risk-management techniques;
  • Our projects meet all requirements and regulations;
  • We realize our own initiatives with regulated participation of state institutions;
  • We do our job professionally;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Quality;
  • We possess the needed education, knowledge, experience and skills;
  • Project and network attitude.



The professionalism of our team is a great contribution for the implementation of the ideas of our clients.

We respect and value our employees, consultants and managers.

We build long-term relationships which afford opportunities for personal development and constant improvement of the competences in the corresponding field.

Through deliberate, on-going development of our employees and the contribution of associate consultants we achieve professional, team-building and leader capacity.

We expect from our managers to think in perspective and be motivated to regard changes as opportunities.

We require high professionalism and loyalty from our managers as well as commitment and high competences from our executive team.

Our payment system is tied to performance and achieved results.

We put in our best effort to support the members of our team in challenging professional and personal situations.

Disloyal and improper behaviour towards the company and the employees is not tolerated.