ideas in action



Telecom Expense Management

  1. Review of documents;
  2. Review of acquired services;
  3. Review of contractual terms and conditions;
  4. Management of existing services;
  5. Review of invoices;
  6. Elaboration of analyses and recommendations.

The telecommunication expense management services will increase the efficiency of the telecom services used and will reduce costs thereof.


Telecom Contract Management

  1. Following contractual terms and conditions;
  2. Tracking the proper contract implementation (subscription plans, preferential treatment, service level agreement, etc.);
  3. Expert analysis of contractual relations;
  4. Comparison of technical solutions and products in negotiations;
  5. Comparison of price terms and parameters;
  6. Proactive cooperation when negotiating and renegotiating with providers;
  7. Benchmarking of specific financial terms compared to market levels;
  8. Proposal to use the most beneficial terms of a specific provider;
  9. Elaboration of documents when organizing tenders for the selection of telecom providers;

The telecom contract management services will save time when choosing the best solution and tracking the proper implementation of contracts.


TelCo Audit

  1. Identifying optimization opportunities ensuring cost saving;
  2. Electronic invoices analysis on deviations from the normal consumption rate within predefined parameters;
  3. Investigation of potential bias and confounding;
  4. Mediation in disputes with Providers;

The TelCo Audit will inform you about further opportunities to reduce costs, as well as for bias and confounding from the normal consumption rate of services used.