ideas in action



1. Systematization and submission of information on current and future EU programmes and projects, as well as for other donor programmes


2. Planning of participation in financing programmes and projects:

  • Analysis of the needs of a potential candidate (organization),
  • Positioning of a potential candidate (organization) in future and current donor programmes.


3. Evaluation of eligibility

  • Analysis of a potential candidate and project idea;
  • Support for selection of the most appropriate funding source for the project idea of the client;
  • Detailed analysis of the client’s activities and consultation for application under a programme appropriate for the client in accordance with its ideas and needs;
  • Support for selection of the precise parameters of the project idea,
  • Evaluation of the chances for successful funding of a potential candidate under a given grant scheme;


4. Preparation of project proposals

  • Development of the project idea;
  • Preparation, evaluation and corrections of the necessary documents – application form, budget, logical framework, supporting documents etc.
  • Provision of overall technical assistance for the development of the projects – preparation of the application package;
  • Support for submission of the project proposal;
  • Coordination of the process of notification of the client for the results of the competition and the follow-up stages;
  • Support for the preparation of additional information required by the coordination body or documentation in the process of evaluation of the project proposal


5. Complete project management from the signature of the grant contract to the final report.

Project management is probably the most important, most responsible and most complicated stage of the realization of the project cycle. Project management is a single process, combination of different micro-activities performed in accordance with the specific requirements of the donor organization such as time limits and documentation as well as requirements concerning the overall quality of implementation of the project activities.

In other words –project management is the process which sees to the successful realization of a project idea.

What is necessary for the successful realization of a project?

Project management requires following specific administrative and financial procedures set by the donor organization and in-depth knowledge of the various procedures and rules of the donor.

The team of INTEGRA GROUP LTD is capable of providing you with a transparent and responsible overall project management – from the conclusion of the contract with the donor organization to the final report of the results achieved, which includes:

  • Administrative management;
  • Drawing up of time tables for the realization of the project; supervision of the meeting of the time limits;
  • Defining the obligations of project management stakeholders;
  • Outlining of potential risk stages in the process of realization and solution-finding;
  • Coordination of the contacts with the donor organization;
  • Preparation of the documentation required for opening tender procedures for procurement of goods, construction works and services;
  • Financial management and reporting;
  • Preparation of the documentation for the donor organization (interim and final reports);
  • Preparation for monitoring by the donor organization;
  • Preparation of an archive of the project;
  • Cooperation for the development of documents for changes in the process of realization of the project;
  • Coordination of the execution of contracts with sub-contractors;
  • Support for activities connected with the visualization of the project;


6. Strategic management and project coordination for holdings, municipal administrations etc.


7. Preparation of tender proposals under tenders held by beneficiaries of donor programmes.