ideas in action



The team and network of consultants of INTEGRA GROUP offers specific consultancy support to public organizations for institutional projects implementation:

  • Institutional development;
  • Research, surveys, analyses;
  • Policy-making, planning and implementation of policies;
  • Development of conceptions, strategies, action plans;
  • Programme and project development;
  • Carrying out awareness and information campaigns;
  • Personnel training;
  • Development of tender dossiers;
  • Elaboration of processes, procedures and documents (incl. guidelines, application forms, etc.);
  • System and procedure audit;
  • Development of monitoring systems;
  • Programme and project monitoring;
  • Programme and project evaluation;
  • Programme and project management;
  • Establishment of partnerships for transfer of know-how;
  • Marketing and promotion of regions;
  • Marketing of regional tourist products;
  • Trans-regional and trans-border cooperation;
  • Attracting strategic investments;
  • Regional planning and development;
  • Instruments for regional development:
    • local initiative groups (LIG - LEADER);
    • public-private partnerships,
    • clusters – business cooperation,
    • regional associations for waste management;
    • centers for professional training and professional orientation;
    • centers for regional investments;
    • centers for technological transfer;
    • business/scientific and industrial parks;
    • business incubators, etc.