ideas in action



INTEGRA GROUP LTD offers specialized training in the following fields:

  • EU funds absorption and management;
  • Project planning, development and management;
  • Institution building - development of administrative structures; elaboration of processes, procedures and documents;
  • State aids, incl. de minimis;
  • Public procurement and concessions;
  • Regional planning and development;
  • Development of instruments for regional development:
    • local initiative groups (LIG);
    • public-private partnerships,
    • clusters – business cooperation;
    • regional associations for waste management;
    • centers for professional training and professional orientation;
    • centers for regional investments;
    • centers for technological transfer;
    • business/scientific and industrial parks;
    • business incubators etc.
  • Management systems in accordance with international standards etc.
  • Information workshops
  • Financial management and business planning;
  • State aid;
  • Entrepreneurship, etc.

INTEGRA GROUP LTD has organized training for over 500 people: managers and employees of banks, municipalities, associations, enterprises, NGOs, etc.