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General Provisions for the performance of Language Solutions services:

  • when we take your order, we take a detailed account of your requirements and instructions;
  • during the process of translation we are at your disposal for any additions and changes;
  • we will contact you if there are any ambiguities or suspected errors in the original text;
  • the translation process is closely monitored;
  • the translation is performed by a translator selected according to the text specifics;
  • the translated text is checked for factual errors and edited;
  • each client is serviced by an expert who keeps track of all of his/her orders;
  • the information which you have provided is confidential – all members of the team of INTEGRA GROUP LTD has signed a non-disclosure declaration;
  • the original of your document does not leave our office and there is no chance to be lost;
  • each order is kept on file for the corresponding client for a period of 3 years.

The Translation Order is made in writing by e-mail, fax or personally. The following information must be specified in the order:

  • the target language for the translation;
  • contractual price;
  • terminological field of the source text;
  • term for execution;
  • method of provision of the order and the format of the source material;
  • method of delivery of the order and the format of the target material;
  • requirements regarding the terminology and possibility for provision of reference materials/contact person on behalf of the client (compulsory requirement in case of interpreting);
  • spelling of the names of natural persons and companies;
  • meaning of abbreviations in the text;
  • selected category of translation.

The Price of Written Translation is calculated on the basis of one translated page, containing 1,800 characters with spaces.

Claims are accepted in case of a presented written order, containing the abovementioned information. Claims are to be submitted in writing, specifying and describing the mistakes. In case of acceptance of the claim, an additional editing of the text by an expert is performed at the expense of ITEGRA GROUP. In case the client does not accept the edited text, grounds for the claim are assessed by an independent expert. In such cases, a discount in the price is made in accordance with the assessment of the independent expert. Claims are accepted within 7 days of the receipt of the executed order.