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Public procurement contracts are awarded for the purpose of ensuring efficiency in the spending of budget and non-budget resources as well as resources related to the performance of activities of public interest specified in the Law on Public Procurement.
Since the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union, the country has faced the great challenge of efficient spending of the resources granted by the structural funds. The achievement of this objective requires familiarity and compliance with the applicable provisions of the European legislation and the Bulgarian legislation.
The laws and regulations applicable in the sphere of public procurement contracts include the Law on Public Procurement, and Council of Ministers’ Decree No 118. Their proper application ensures achievement of the purposes of the Law, and namely:

  • Ensuring of effectiveness, efficiency and economy in resources spending;
  • The spending of resources by beneficiaries for contractor assignment is performed in compliance with the procedures set in the Decree and the principles of publicity and transparency, free and loyal competition, equal treatment and avoidance of discrimination.

Why is consulting assistance necessary? Reasons:

  • Minimization of the risk of implementing unlawful procedures for award of public procurement contracts in compliance with the Law on Public Procurement, and Council of Ministers’ Decree No 118;
  • Optimization of time, human and financial resources;
  • Proper and quality implementation of projects financed by external donors (for example: Operational Programs 2014-2020) and avoidance of irregularities;
  • Promotion of employers’ competitiveness in the field of applying for external financing;
  • Preparation of legitimate documentation for award of public procurement contracts, whose contents include all provisions of applicable laws;
  • Provision of high level of utilization of the resources under the Operational Programs to the benefit of the Bulgarian society.